Saturday, January 30, 2010

My Neighbor's Naughty Fetish

I heard that a new neighbor had moved in next door but I had been so busy with work that I hadn't had a chance to meet him yet. I got let out a little early today so I decided today would be the day that I would finally welcome him to the neighborhood. I decided not to change out of my work clothes and to just head over the way I was. I was ready for some hot steamy tranny phone sex.I had on a tight black skirt that hit mid-thigh, sheer black thigh highs, a pair of sexy leather boots, and a deep blue shirt that I had unbuttoned just low enough that you could see the top of my tits peeking over the top. I baked some of my famous chocolate chip cookies and walked across the yard to knock on his door. I could hear music and I could see lights on inside but he never came to the door. I knocked one last time and was just getting ready to turn around and head back home when he finally opened the door. He was wearing a long white bathrobe that went all the way to the ground and he looked a little out of breath. I'm sorry I guess I caught you at a bad time. I just wanted to drop these cookies off for you and welcome you to the neighborhood. No, it's fine that was very sweet of you, please come in. He stepped back and I walked in and sat down on the sofa. Would you like a glass of lemonade? Sure, that sounds great thanks. As he was walking back toward me with my drink I could hear a strange clinking sound on the tile floor. What was that? Do you have some kind of shoes or something on under that bathrobe? He blushed a little and showed me the sexy boots he had on, they had a four inch heel and looked like a pair of boots that I had in my closet. I started running through the possibilities in my mind as we started to chat. I could feel his eyes traveling up and down my body as he looked at my long legs as I crossed them and my short skirt rode up on my thighs. I had a very low cut top on and I knew he was staring down the front of my shirt. He reached past me to grab my glass when his bathrobe suddenly fell open. I could not believe what I was seeing. He had on a pair of sheer black thigh highs with lacy tops, a black garter belt, a sexy pair of red satin panties and a red corset. He's such a big strong looking man that I would have never guessed it. Wow I had no idea. Oh umm you weren't supposed to see that. Do you dress up often? Well, as often as I can when no one is around. He stood up and took the robe off so I could get a good look. He even turned around so I could get a good view of his ass in those pretty red panties. Very sexy. Mmm you're pretty damn sexy yourself lady. He reached over and started running his hands over the front of my tits while I moaned in his ear. I could feel my nipples getting rock hard and he quickly ripped my top off so he could get a good look at them. Then I felt his hands reaching behind me to unzip my skirt and tug it off. I could feel how hard his cock was pressing against my thigh throgh those panties and his hands were squeezing my ass. He started to yank my panties down. Wait, don't do that please. Why not darlin? I can tell you want me just as much as I want you. But, there's something you don't know that you need to before this goes any further. I know all I need to know now hush. He slid my panties off and his mouth dropped open when he saw my hard throbbing cock pop out and bounce in the air. You have a dick? This just keeps getting better and better. Really? You don't mind? Look at how I'm dressed did you really think I would mind? That's true you do have a point there. He got down on his knees in his slutty lingerie and leather boots and starting sucking my dick without another word. I grabbed the back of his head and started slamming my cock in and out of his mouth. I watched his eyes water while he deepthroated me and choked. I was throbbing in his mouth, already oozing pre-cum thinking about how his ass would feel wrapped around me. He got my dick nice and sloppy wet and then I pushed him down on the couch. Get on all fours for me I want that ass. He stuck his ass up in the air and started wiggling it for me. I came up behind him and yanked those sexy red panties to the side. Then I spread his ass cheeks open nice and wide and started slowly pushing my cock inside of that tight little puckered ass hole. He moaned as the head of my dick slid past his tight hole. He started pushing back against me while I thrust the rest of my cock deep inside of him. My smooth full balls slapping against his ass while I plunged my cock in and out of his ass faster and harder, my tits bouncing up and down and my long hair sliding across his back. That ass feels so fucking good wrapped around my cock. Mmm give it to me baby. I wanna feel you cum deep inside of me. He turned and watched over his shoulder while I fucked him deeper and deeper and my dick started to swell and get even harder inside of him. Then I grabbed his hips and slammed my cock all the way against the back of his ass until I exploded. I filled his ass to the top with my hot thick creamy cum until my balls were completely drained. I was definitely going to have to make sure to stop by and visit my hot new neighbor more often!!! If you're ready for some incredible shemale phone sex then give me a call at 1-877-903-tran and ask for Shawna.

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