Saturday, August 8, 2009

It was the reharsal for my wedding and all of the members of my wedding party were there as well as a few friends. I was wearing a true southern belle gown with a long ruffled skirt and big puffy sleeves with bows on it. My hair was teased and full, piled up on top of my head and I was wearing my extreme push up bra that pushed my perky tits up and over the neckline of my sumptuous gown. My best friend decided at the last minute that we should make it a double wedding and I was so excited. She was out of town so I had picked her dress up for her from the seamstress. The only problem was that we needed to find someone that was about the same size as her so that I could try the wedding dress on them and see if it would fit her properly or not. So I ducked my head out into the main room and scanned the crowd to see who might work. My eyes landed on a very straight looking man that was dressed in a dark suit. He looked like he was about the same height and build as her, so I motioned to him and he made his way closer to see what I needed. I was wondering, do you think you could help me out with something, I asked him? Sure, he said as he came into the back room and I closed the door behind us. What do you need help with? Well I said, my friend has decided to do a double wedding with us and I picked up her dress but I need someone to try it on for me. You see, she's out of town for work and by the time she gets back in town it will be too close to the wedding day for any alterations to be done. So, I really need to find someone that is close to her size to try it on. That way if anything else needs to be done on it there will be time to get it fixed and ready for when she comes back. Ok I'm following you so far but I still don't see where I fit into all of this. Well...I was kinda hoping that you could try the dress on for me. You're about the right size and I can't find anyone else. Me? You want me to try on her wedding dress? But I'm a man! I can't put on women's clothes. I know but I am really in a bind here and I really really need your help...please? Well ok I suppose I could try it on for you real quick since it is only the two of us here no one else has to know. He reluctantly stripped out of his suit and started to slowly tug the big poofy wedding gown over his head and down his body. He turned bright red as he smoothed it into place and looked down at himself. I leaned over my shoulder and said hey girls how does this look? Four of my friends stepped out of the back room and came to look as his eyes got huge and he tried to cover him self and hide. You didn't tell me there was anyone else here. I thought it was just us. Well, they are friends with her too and I need to get their opinion on how the dress fits. Well, ok then. We had him turn around for us so we could get a nice view as we checked him out all dressed up in that big frilly wedding dress. You know girls, I said to my friends, now that we've got him all dressed up, we need to finish turning him into a bitch. Make him get down on his knees. Two of my friends pushed him down until he was kneeling in front of me and the other two lifted up my long ruffled dress to my waist. What are you girls doing to me? Leave me alone I don't wanna be anyone's bitch. I was just trying to help you out. Well it's too late I said as I slowly tugged my panties to the side and revealed my long hard straining cock as it popped out at him. What the fuck? You're a man? Well not exactly I giggled I'm a tranny girl. See I may have a long hard cock but I have real tits too in case you hadn't noticed. Oh I noticed alright, it's kinda hard to miss them with the way they're popping out of your dress like that. Now I want you to open your mouth nice and wide and suck my cock like a good little obedient bitch for me. No way he protested I am not going to do that and you can't make me. Oh really I said, well my four friends here also happen to be tranny's and there is no way you are going to be able to overpower the five of us. As he was protesting one of my friends grabbed the back of his head and shoved his open mouth down over my cock as my long dress crinkled and rustled all around him. He was too shocked to do much more than moan and the humming around my cock felt really good as he tried to back away but couldn't. The hand on the back of his head pushing him down was too strong and he couldn't back up. I looked down and saw that his cock must have been pretty hard because it was pushing up against the front of the dress and throbbing against it. Mmm it looks like you enjoy being a little faggot cock sucker sissy bitch for me. Look how hard your cock is. I lifted up the hem of his dress and I could see the precum oozing out onto his underwear as he started sliding his warm mouth up and down my shaft teasing my cock with his tongue. It felt so good that I grabbed the back of his hair and started fucking his face hard and deep feeling my cock start to swell as a big load of cum started to build inside of my balls. He started to moan loader around my cock as he could feel that I was getting ready to explode. Then with one large deep thrust into the back of his throat, hot cum started pumping out of me and right into his mouth. I came so hard that I could hear him swallowing really fast to try to keep up with it all. I felt him shudder around my cock and I looked down to see him cumming hard inside of his underwear without anyone even touching his cock. Apparantly there had been a sissy cock sucking bitch hiding inside of him all this time just waiting for the chance to cum out and play....
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